Information on Passport Affidavits Required for passport

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Annexure AHow to prepare Annexure A?The other name for Annexure A is known as Identity Certificate. This Annexure A has to be provided by the govt employee when applying for a passport.To know about Annexure A  for passport visit here
Annexure BKnow more about  Annexure BAnnexure B is enclosed when applying for a passport under Tatkal category. It should be sealed and signed by a verifying authority and has to be printed on the official letterhead of the verifying authority.Annexure B for passport click here
Annexure CHow to get Annexure CAnnecure C is enclosed when applying for a minor passport when one of the parents is not giving consent to apply for his/her child.Annexure C For Passport visit here
Annexure DDetails about Annexure D for minor passportAnnexure D is enclosed by the parent who applies for a passport for their minor child. With this Annexure, they confirm that they take responsibility and take care of the minor child.Annexure D For Passport visit here
Annexure EHow to prepare Annexure E?Annexure E is a self-declarative affidavit which is given by any Indian citizen when applying for a passport. This Annexure is to confirm the residence address given is to be true and there is no criminal case on the applicant.Annexure E For Passport visit here
Annexure FAnnexure F for Lost or Damaged passportAnnexure F is enclosed when the applicant applies for re-issue of passport if the previous passport is Lost or Damaged.Annexure F For Passport visit here
Annexure GAnnexure G or No Objection Certificate for passportAnnexure G is also known as No Objection Certificate which is enclosed with other documents by an employee of Government when applying for a passport.Annexure G For Passport visit here
Annexure HHow to prepare Annexure H or Prior Intimation Letter for a passport?Annexure H is otherwise known as Prior Intimation Letter which is prepared by the govt employee notifying his/her head of the department about the application of passport.Annexure H For Passport visit here
Annexure IWho should enclose Annexure I for a minor passport?Annexure I is enclosed by any of the parents when applying a minor passport for his/her child. It is normally enclosed when the parent of the minor is separated but not legally or a child born out of wedlock.Annexure I For Passport visit here
Authority Letterwhat is Authority letter for passport?An Authority letter is prepared by the applicant to authorize someone to submit or receive the applicant’s passport on behalf of the applicant. The authorized person would be any close relatives.Authority Letter visit here