Download -Declaration of Parent/Guardian for Minor Passports -Annexure C

When a single parent is applying passport for his/her child without getting the consent of his/her spouse, then Annexure C has to be enclosed along with the other documents to process the passport application for the minor.

How to Make The Affidavit?

  1. Prepare a draft for Annexure C
  2. Print the draft on a Plain paper

Who Should Make Annexure C?

When the following situation satisfied, then Annexure C can be enclosed.

  • If you are a single parent, either the father or the mother of the minor child and wishes to apply for minor passport for your child
  • If the minor’s other parent does not give consent to apply or sign in for the passport

What Are The Details Required To Create Annexure C?

  • State whether you are the father or mother of the passport applicant
  • Mention the name, address and other details of the minor applicant
  • Mention the other parent’s name who is unwilling to provide consent for the passport application.