How to Take Appointment For Passport and  Prepare for Getting a Passport

1) When you apply for a passport, only through online you can book an appointment. The official portal for that is Passport Seva Online. However, you cannot select the time and date on your own rather it will show you the available slot for an appointment, and you can select any of them.

2) In the past, you had to pay the passport fee at the Passport Seva Kendra. Because there was no other solution, people will have to go in person at PSK and pay. However, the new change brought an online payment feature, which lets you pay online, with your card. This is great for people who cannot travel or don’t want to lose time with this procedure.

3) The new system will let you cancel or reschedule any appointment, but you can do that only twice a year. Once you made two appointment changes, the system won’t allow you to do to make another one, and you will have to wait one year for the first appointment, to make another change. That’s why, it would be good to be there at the first scheduling because otherwise, you will risk losing this right.

How to Pay Online

Before you apply for a passport appointment on Passport Seva Kendras, you will have to pay the service fee. With the new update, you can pay the service fee online, using the following payment methods:

E-Payment Method

  • – Internet Banking (This method is available only with SBI and its associate accounts)
  • – Credit Card (Available only with Visa and MasterCard)
  • – Debit Card (Available only with Visa and MasterCard)
  • Challan Payment Method
  • – Bank Challan (This is available only in India and you can make the payment at any SBI center)

After You Make the Payment, Schedule the Appointment

1) After you complete the payment and it appears as “Success”, then you will get an e-mail. This e-mail will have some information about your profile, about your payment and it will ask you to schedule a PSK appointment. After you get this e-mail, you will have to go to the website and click View & Saved / Submitted Applications. Here, you will see all the free times for an appointment, and you can select any of them.

2) Select “Appointment Quota” if you have a Tatkaal ARN.

3) Think about your preferred location, where you want to have the PSK meeting. It’s best to choose the closest location.

4) Now that you’ve completed all the fields, you will need to click the “Book Appointment” link. Normally, if a Slot is available, it will make the booking automatically, according to your chosen PSK. After that, you will see a confirmation link, which has all the details of your application

How to Take  Tatkaal Appointment

Like we’ve mentioned before, there are two appointment options:

  • Normal
  •  Tatkaal.

If you choose to have a Tatkaal appointment, you will have to pay extra money for the fee, but you will have some extra benefits.

With a Tatkaal application, you will be able to make an earlier appointment and your documents will be processed faster. After the verification, the documents will be sent to printing, and you will receive the passport faster. Normally, a person gets its passport, one or two weeks after the approval. If you make a Tatkaal application, you will get it, in one to three days. This will be great if you can’t afford to wait for the passport and you need it fast.

How to Reschedule / Cancel the Appointment

  • If you confirmed an appointment, but you cannot be there on that specific date, you have the option to reschedule or cancel it. The website will let you change your appointment with rescheduling / canceling the appointment just two times, and after that, you will have to create a whole new application.
  • If you want to reschedule or cancel your appointment, all you have to do is go on the Schedule Appointment link, located on the View Saved / Submitted Application Section. There, you should be able to see your current appointment and its date.
  • In order modify it, you have to click the Cancel Appointment / Reschedule Appointment link. If you cancel it, you will receive a confirmation message and if you reschedule it, you will see a list with all the empty spots, where you can reschedule your appointment. After you choose another time/date, you should receive a confirmation link as well.


1) What to do if I cannot visit PSK in time?

If you’re having this problem, it’s better to cancel or reschedule your appointment. So, depending on what you want to do, you can click the cancel or the reschedule button. If you choose the reschedule option, choose another date for your appointment but remember, you can only make this change two times per year. After you finish, you will see a confirmation message, which tells you how many reschedule changes you have left.

2) What happens if my application was canceled, because I didn’t have all the documents?

If you don’t have all the documents, complete your file and then, reschedule the appointment.

  1. Enter your account
  2. Enter the link with your submitted application
  3.  Set a date for your next appointment

3) How many times can I reschedule, if I didn’t have all the documents?

If your application got canceled because you lacked some documents, you could reschedule it three times.

A) If you schedule an appointment without having all the documents, the meeting will probably be considered as over.

B) When this happens, just enter your account and reschedule the appointment. You can do that two more times.

4) If I want to have the appointment to the same day but at a different hour, can I reschedule?

Yes, you can. Just enter the platform and see if there is any free spot, for your desired hour. If there is, you can reschedule.

5) If I canceled in passport Seva, can I reschedule?

You can do that as well. Just don’t tell them about your last appointment and don’t attend it.

6) What if I rescheduled for too many times and I get an error message?

If this happens, you will need to make your application again. Make sure to avoid that, because you will have to pay the fees again, for the new application.

7) What happens if I get late by a few hours to my appointment?

If you are getting late, you must contact the officer and explain him your problem. Typically, he will complete the papers and let you have the appointment later, in the same day. But if he’s busy, he might reschedule you for another day.

8) Can I schedule the appointment manually?

That thing is not possible. You can only schedule your appointment for a PSK, with Tatkaal. You will be invited to the meeting in around 23 days.