Passport Seva Kendras (PSK) are extended arms of Passport Offices and render front-end services related to passport issuance.
The following is a guide that will ensure you to acquire your passport efficiently.
1. Work on securing the much-needed appointment, having done so, visit the PSK with all the necessary documents suggested by Document Advisor not forgetting the bar coded appointment receipt.
2. Ensure you have with you all testimonials, original documents, and the application form, all this to be accompanied with self-certified photocopies of every single document. Once at the PSK center, the passport and full-size photos, as well as biometric details, are recorded.
3. Visit the PSK center alone. Exceptions are however made for; minors, senior citizen, disabled and the illiterate.
4. Observe punctuality and adhere to the time stipulated on your PSK appointment receipt. If late, the appointment is revoked by the system and all you can do is try to reserve another appointment.
6. Your mobile phone is the only electronic gadget allowed inside the PSK center. You are expected to take care of your belongings since at the PSK which doesn’t offer locker facility. Other gadgets like cameras are not allowed within the premises at whatever circumstances so it’s advisable to leave them home or in your car.

Once inside the PSK Center, carefully observe the following;

1. Arrive at the respective and particular PSK center 15 minutes earlier to allow sufficient time to check in.
2. Clearance and security check is executed by PSK security at the entry point, entrance is only guaranteed if you have a valid appointment letter. Adhere to a queue at the gate if any and note that confiscation of unwanted material is done at the gate.
3. At the token counter; provide your appointment receipt and all the original documents to the PSK personnel. A file number will be assigned to you after a successful document verification.You are allowed to have your original documents back one the process is completed positively.
4. Wait at the waiting bay for your name to be called out, this could take an hour utmost. At this juncture, you are issued with a token which grants you entry to the application processing zone. A security check is once administered involving verification of the token, where you are then let in.
5. The processing zone is characterized by counters branded by the alphabets A, B, and C. Strategically, LCD screens are located in the area indicating the status of your token.
7. It is at counter-A that you are expected to walk to once notified through the screens. At this stage, all your details are recorded and uploaded to the system by the attendant; it involves biometric data capture, document scanning, uploading, verification, and confirmation. There is an SMS fee that you may opt to pay for at this counter. Finally, after the 10-minute process, passport file and the token are issued to you.
8. Counter B is your next stop after waiting and being notified of approaching the desk. Here, a passport officer verifies your original documents, stamp your passports and documents thus verifying them. The token and files are issued back to you after a process that could take utmost half an hour.
9. Wait for your turn at Counter C where a senior passport officer will be at your service. The officer verifies your documents once again. A receipt is generated after a satisfactory question-asking process that is carried out by the officer. It is at this stage that the officer lets you know if the passport application process is successful as well as if there is required police verification during or after the process. The passport file is retained at this juncture after the approximately 15-minute process.
10 Finally, at the exit counter submit your token and a passport application receipt containing the passport file number will be issued. The unique passport file number can be used to track the application progress online which is very convenient and accurate.

Passport Seva Sms Services

After the passport application completion, the following SMS notifications are expected in that order

Successful passport application you should receive a notification SMS had you paid for it, this indicates successful application of your passport.

Passport forwarded to the respective police station; after the successful application, 10 days later you will receive an SMS informing you that your passport has been forwarded to the police station for the standard verification.

Ultimate SMS; this is the last notification indicating your passport is ready and thus to be dispatched to you. Further details in the SMS include your passport number and the Speed Post tracking pin number.

A day later, the passport is then delivered to your home with utmost convenience, efficiency and thus successfully completing the hunt for your passport.

Important Point:

  • The Aadhar-based smart card and the Electoral Identification Card have used instead of the ration card which is not a valid proof.
  • Parents should accompany minors aged below 18 during the application process.
  • An application expires and is declared void after 90 days.Failure to submit within the stipulated period, therefore, calls for the need to re-submit the online application once again.
  • A recent passport size photograph (4.5 X 3.5 cm) with white background is to be issued for applicants below the age of 4.
  • You can reschedule your appointment using the same application and payment in case you fail the first appointment at the PSK center.
  • A penalty is charged and a receipt issued for the same in cases of the reissue of damaged or lost passports. The penalty is usually payable at the counter C.
  • Mobile phones and remote control car keys are allowed inside the PSK center. It’s, however, recommendable to have your phone on silent mode to avoid disturbance.
  • A very new Aadhar card may fail to reflect in the government database thus it’s very important to carry further support documents.
  • Ensure you have photocopies of all the respective documents, it’s also clever to carry a pen since you might require to sign and make rectifications on your documents.

The visit to the PSK Center is one which majority dread but by following the above guidelines and tips the experience will be different. Preparedness is the key to swiftness in this process, therefore, keenness should be applied to all the requirements

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