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Travel Insurance in Amsham Travels

At Amsham Travels, we assist you in all kind of overseas travel insurance services. We guide to choose the best plan for your journey. We have a proficient team who will keep you informed about the plan and the coverage of the insurance policies.

Amsham Travel insurance Let us know more about Travel Insurance

Travelling has become an essential part of everyone’s life. It has become a regular activity in the current scenario. It may be a business trip or a family trip. Travelling gives us immense pleasure, but one should be aware of the risks and probabilities of any unexpected situation.Insurance is a guarantee of compensation in the way of payment for specified situation like a loss, damage, illness or death.Travel insurance is to ensure your medical expense, and other unforeseen situations like trip cancellation, flight delay, loss of baggage, etc. during your travel are taken care of.

Why Travel Insurance?

During your trip, if any unforeseen event happened like loss of baggage or flight cancellation, you can make use of travel insurance and claim for the expenses incurred due to the unforeseen event. Travel Insurance is the best protection plan when traveling overseas.Insurance policies took locally ensure only any unforeseen event within India and did not cover the insurer when the person is in a foreign land.

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Highlights of Overseas Travel Insurance

  •  Medical coverage
  •  Coverage for Baggage loss, Flight delay, Trip cancellation
  • Wide range of plans
  • Lowest Premium

Do you need Travel Insurance Coverage?

You can ask numerous questions to yourself before purchasing travel insurance.
→ Are you traveling overseas without a protection plan?
→ Are you planning to do extreme adventure or sports in your travel?
→ If you or someone gets sick during your travel, will you be able to afford the expenditure?
→ Can you afford the trip amount back home if you need to cancel your trip in an emergency situation?
These are some of the situation where your happy journey will turn into a nightmare if you are not well prepared.

Points to remember before a Travel Insurance purchaseair travel insurance india

  • You have to purchase the travel insurance before your trip to avoid any interrupt in your journey. Once the event has occurred like any medical expense, baggage loss, then you can no longer purchase the insurance to claim for that.
  • Read well the chosen plan before the purchase. You need to understand what exactly the insurance policy will cover.
  • You need to provide the required documentation of your issue when you are in need of a claim. The documentation could be like prior claim approval code, medical bill, a report from the airline regarding the flight delay or any other situation.
  • Travel insurance mostly works as a reimbursement structure. You will get the reimbursed amount from the travel insurance company only when you show the required documentation.

Insurance Coverage in Amsham Travels

There are numerous benefits one can avail by travel insurance. Below are few of the coverage listed which is covered in Amsham Travels.

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  •  Medical Expense/Evacuation/Repatriation
  •  Personal Accident Death
  •  Dental Cover
  •  Loss of Baggage
  •  Delay of Baggage (beyond 12hrs)
  •  Loss of passport
  •  Personal Liability
  •  Daily Allowance in case of hospitalization