Lost or Damaged Passport in India

Lost or Damaged Passport in India

An Indian passport is a valuable booklet that should always be safely kept. However, should it get lost or damaged, it can easily be replaced.

What to do if a passport is lost?

A lost passport should immediately be reported to the nearest police station. Whether it was misplaced or stolen, the proper documentation will enable you to account for the loss and get a replacement faster.

It will be helpful if you could have your previous passport details such as the date and place of issue or the date of expiry. In addition to this, a photocopy of the old passport can be produced if available; however, this is not a mandatory document in applying for re-issue of passport under lost category.

What to do if a passport is damaged?

The damaged passport can be categorized as readable damaged and damaged beyond recognition.

When your passport is not damaged beyond recognition, i.e. passport number is readable, the photo is intact and the name is legible, then you can apply for a re-issue under the Tatkal Scheme which is a fast process to get the passport.

But it depends on the officer to process under tatkal or in a regular method. On the contrary, if the passport is entirely damaged, then you have to apply for the passport in a Normal method. Visit Passport Seva Kendra Office to get the passport assistance if you need the passport on urgent basis.

Loss/Damage During Your Trip

If you lose or misplace your passport when traveling, then you can be able to travel with an Emergency Certificate. However, this certificate is issued by the respective post or mission of the country that you are traveling to.

A duplicate passport cannot be issued for a second loss or damage of the passport. If you are a habitual loser, then, you will be subjected to inquiry. In this case, an interview is necessary before the application of a new passport.

The Application Procedure For Loss or Damage Passport

Individuals who have Loss or Damage passport have to apply for re-issue of passport if the passport is readable damaged.The application procedure for re-issue is same as normal procedure. if the damage of the passport is beyond recognition.then have apply for Normal freshPassportt

Documents Required for Damaged /Lost Passport

    1. Proof of Present Address
    2. Proof of Date of Birth
    3. Affidavit stating how and where the passport got lost/damaged (Annexure ‘F’)
    4. Police report in original
    5. Self-attested photocopy of first two and last two pages, including ECR/Non-ECR page of old passport, if available

Annexure F for damaged passport

Annexure F is an affidavit stating how and where the passport gets lost or damaged, and it’s like a self-declaration form from the applicant to obtain a new passport in place of lost or damaged passport. Along with the original documents and passport application, Annexure F has to be submitted when applying for Re-issue of passport under Lost/Damaged category.

The Mandatory questions that should be answered in the Annexure F Affidavit for Lost/Damaged Passport  include

  • What are the conditions under which the passport was lost or damaged?
  • Are there any other passports that were earlier lost or damaged?
  • Did you avail any concessions or allowances?
  • Are you a non-resident Indian or resident abroad? If so, account for your residency
  • Did the passport have any objections?
  • Have you ever been deported at the expense of the government?

Below this, you will have to provide a signature to affirm that you will properly take care of your passport.

How to apply for Lost /Damaged / Theft Passport Us

We at Amsham Travels provide complete assistance in applying for passport. You can upload the required scanned documents through our online application form or can be sent through e-mail to passport@amshamtravels.com. We will check for completeness and let you know the further procedures.

Document Required for Renewal / Re-issue of passport click here

 Fee for Re-issue of Loss/Damage Passport

The fee for Re-issue of Loss/damage passport varies depending on the type of application (normal or tatkal), the number of pages, the age of the applicant.The passport fee can be paid online through, debit/credit card or through internet banking.

Reason for Re-issueNumber of pagesNormal 
Replacement of passport due to loss/damage/theft36Rs. 3, 000 
Replacement of passport due to loss/damage/theft60Rs. 3, 500 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Passport Reference File?

This is a code that comprises of numbers and alphabets provided to applicants. It can also be used to track the ongoing status of a passport application.

  1. How many pages of passport can one apply for?

Any applicant can apply for either 36 pages or 60 passport pages. However, the latter applies to a frequent traveler.

  1. How can I use the Emergency Certificate or Temporary Passport?

An Emergency Certificate is only valid for one trip within three months. However, it is only used for urgent situations as you replaced passport is being processed.

  1. Should replacement fees be the charge for the replacement of a lost or damaged passport?

Yes, specific fees are charged for the replacement of a passport. The fees cover all miscellaneous services including change of name and change of address.

Replacing a lost or damaged Indian Passport follow more or less the same procedure. Remember that visiting the Indian Passport Office in your region will ensure that you are well-informed about the process. Keep in mind that all guidelines and passport replacement authorities should always be consulted.

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