Passport for Retired Government Employees

Any individual who intends to travel abroad requires a travel document known as passport, which is considered to be an official document issued by the government for traveling foreign and identifying as the citizen of the passport issuing country. Also, Passport can also be used as an identity document as they are issued by an official authority.

Passport for Retired Government Officials

  • While applying for a passport, there are numerous categories and sub-divisions that any individual can apply under, and there is such one category for retired government officials.
  • There are some advantages for the retired government officials when applying for a passport as per the passport notification.
  • These benefits are to honor the retired govt applicant for their service to the nation during their tenure period.

Benefits for Retired Government Officials

Given below are the benefits availed by the Retired government officials when applying for a passport.

  • Post Police Verification Passport:  When the retired govt official applies for a passport they can have the post police verification process if they submit the Pension Payment Order along with other documents. Hence they will receive the passport in advance to the police verification and the waiting period is reduced.
  • Fewer documents to be provided:  The retired govt official can apply for a passport with fewer documents when comparing others. For instance, if the retired govt officials apply for a Tatkal passport, they have to provide a residence proof, birth proof, standard affidavit -E and either a pension payment order or a verification certificate only, whereas for others they have to provide some documents to accelerate the passport application process.

Documents required for fresh passport for retired govt employee

The following are the basic processes you will undergo when applying for a passport as a Government employee in India.

  • Birth Proof – Birth Certificate/Aadhaar Card/Transfer/School leaving/Matriculation Certificate issued by the school//E-Aadhaar/Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)/Driving License/PAN Card / ( need any 2)
  • Residence proof – Aadhaar Card / Election Commission Photo ID card/Water Bill /  Passbook with photo of running Bank Account /Telephone (landline or postpaid mobile bill)/ Electricity bill/  Registered Rent Agreement/Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head/Income Tax Assessment Order/Proof of Gas Connection  ( need any 2)
  • Educational proof – 10th or 12th or degree certificate ( if completed 10th )
  • Marriage proof – Marriage certificate or marriage invitation ( if married)
  •  Pension payment order copy.

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