Annexure E-Standard General Mandatory Affidavit-Download

Annexure E is a general mandatory affidavit given by any Indian citizen who wishes to apply for an Indian passport. Annexure E can also be said as a self-declaratory affidavit which affirms that the applicant’s basic information, citizenship, and all other details are to be true. Apart from this, the applicant has to declare that he/she has no criminal record in the preceding five years. Hence Annexure E also serves as No Criminal Record Affidavit.

How To Make An Annexure E Affidavit?

Follow the below steps to make an Annexure E.

  • Download the Annexure form and fill in your details
  • Print the drafted affidavit on a plain paper
  • The applicant has to sign at the bottom of the affidavit

Who should Make Annexure E?

Any Indian citizen who has to declare their address, personal information, any criminal background and citizenship can enclose Annexure E when applying for a passport.

What Are The Requirements To Be Filled?

As Annexure E is a self-declaratory affidavit, hence all the personal details of the applicant have to be mentioned. The following should be included

  • Applicant’s Name and date of birth
  • Applicant’s Address, father’s name, mother’s name and spouse’s name if married
  • Nature in which applicant’s citizenship was acquired, whether by birth or descent or registration or naturalization etc. should be mentioned
  • A statement of declaration that there is no criminal case pending against the applicant has to be mentioned.

Download Annexure-E Standard Affidavit