References for Passport Application

Passport References

While filling the online passport application form, there will be a column where it asks for two reference details. The passport applicant has to fill two known person contact details.

The main purpose of filling this column is to facilitate residence verification mentioned in the application during the police verification process.

Normally, the names of the neighborhoods of the applicant are mentioned in the reference columns. Mentioning the name of the parents or siblings of the applicant who lives in the same house or near the house will prevent the further process of passport. Hence it’s better to avoid mentioning the family member’s name.

The sole purpose is that the applicant should be known in their locality.

During the police verification process, a form has to be filled out by the neighbors who is mentioned in the passport application. The form includes the following at least

  1. One Photo-ID
  2. 2 Photographs
  3. Duration of how long they’ve known you since
  4. Their current addresses

On top of this, the police may ask on verbal as how long does the neighbor know the applicant and since how long they reside.

Can family members be mentioned as references in an Indian passport application?

It’s not advisable to mention the family members in the passport application. The concept of asking for references is to get an idea about the applicant from a third person if it’s necessary only. The police do not completely rely on the statement given by the neighbors, they will cross check with the given documents and assess independently about the applicant.

Even if the neighbor tells badly about the applicant, that will not be considered unless and until if there is any proof for it. When the neighbor is not to depend upon on their statement then the last option for the police would be with parents and with family members of the applicant for the police verification process to be completed.