Sri Lanka Tourist Visa & Transit Visa for Indians

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country which has a rich heritage, lovely beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and charming landscape and of course a place of Buddhist temples. People from all over the world come to this place to enjoy their vacation. Sri Lanka has become a popular tourist destination.

Sri Lanka Tourist Visa & Transit Visa for Indians

Started planning to visit Sri Lanka? Great! But you need a visa to enter the country. We at Amsham Travels provide the best assistance for Sri Lankan visa service. We take utmost care for your hassle-free travel and providing you a guaranteed holiday.

We assist for processing visa to Sri Lanka for the below-listed purposes.

  • Tourism

  • Visiting family & relatives

  • Conference

  • Business

Short Visit Visa is used by the travellers who visit Sri Lanka for short time for tourism or for business purpose.

The short visit visa is further categorized as below.

  • Tourist Visa is a double entry visa which has six months of validity for entry and Indians are allowed to stay for a period of 30 days.
  • Business visa can be obtained for double entry and multiple entries. The travellers are allowed to stay for 30 days.

The processing time for Sri Lankan visa is 24-48 hours of time. The short visit visa can be extended up to 90 days from the date of arrival provided with a valid reason. The approval of extension is solely at the discretion of the Department of Immigration Office, in Sri Lanka.

 There is Visa on Arrival option for Indians to visit Sri Lanka where they have to show the relevant documents at the entry port of Sri Lanka.

Get your visa in simple 4 steps with Amsham Travels

  • Contact our specialist and ask for the list of required documents.
  • The visa expert in our office will inform you the preferred list of documents.
  • Submit the documents and make the payment.
  • Get your visa within 2 days.

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sri lanka tourist visa for indian citizens

Frequently Asked Questions on Sri Lankan Visa

  1. What are the important points to be noted before applying for Sri Lankan Visa?

Passport should have a validity of six months from the date of arrival to Sri Lanka. If the passport is less than six months, then it has to be renewed.

  1. How will I receive my Sri Lankan Visa?

Sri Lanka visa will be in electronic format. We will either send through your e-mail or will take print out and hand over to you.

  1. How to apply for Sri Lankan visa with Amsham Travels?

It’s very simple as you can enter into our office directly and inquire about the visa details to our visa expert or you can drop your queries through our online form and the visa expert will call you back to provide the information and assist in getting the visa.

  1. Should I have a flight ticket before I apply for Sri Lanka visa?

No, it is not mandatory to have flight ticket before applying for a visa. You can book your flight ticket after getting your visa.

  1. If my visa got rejected, will I get back the amount?

Once the amount is paid, it is non-refundable.

  1. What are the documents required if applying for Visa on Arrival?

You should have a valid round-trip flight ticket, accommodation details, sufficient fund for all your travel expenses, passport with validity of six months from the date of arrival. These are the basic requirements for getting Visa On Arrival. The approval of Visa is solely at the discretion of Immigration Officer in Sri Lanka.

  1. Can I apply again for Sri Lankan Visa when I already have a valid visa?

You cannot apply again until the existing Sri Lankan visa expires.