Renewal of Indian passport

Indian Passport Renewal Procedure

Most people get a bit confused over whether reissue and renewal of passport mean the same thing in India? But in India, passports are not renewed but instead, they are re-issued. That means, the old passport is cancelled and then a new passport is given to an applicant with a validity of 10 years, starting from the date of issue. That is why passport renewal and passport reissue means the same thing in India, thanks to the fact that both terms can be used interchangeably.

How to reissue passport in India?

You can apply for passport reissue just in case you want another passport or if the existing one has expired. But it is always good to note that a passport cannot be reissued more than a year before its expiry date. Here are some of the reasons that call for passport reissue in India.

  • A change in the existing personal particulars
  • If your passport’s validity expired / due to expire
  • If your passport is damaged
  • If you lost your passport
  • Exhaustion of pages

Methods of applying for passport through online

Nowadays, the passport renewal application process is available online in most states throughout the country. There are mainly two methods used for passport renewal in India. They are namely-

  • Online form submission
  • e-form submission

Reissue Of Passport Time Taken

It largely depends on the particular reason as to why you want to be reissued with a passport. But generally, the passport reissue process takes less time. Since all your information is already with the passport office, then the whole process of passport renewal or reissue requires less time. The process further depends on the speed of passport processing by the regional passport office. Normally, the process takes about 20-25 days.

Validity due to Expiry -Renewal Of Indian Passport Before Expiry Date

What should I do when my passport is scheduled to expire in one year?
In such a case, you can apply for passport reissue one year before the expiry of your existing passport, as long as there aren’t any changes in your personal details.

You can apply for your passport renewal anytime although it is always a good idea to apply for passport renewal six months before the expiry date. Most countries don’t issue VISA for applicants whose passports with less than six months of validity.

Passport Renewal after Expiry

First, you need to fill up a passport application form and then apply for reissue of your passport. After that, submit the completed application at the nearest PSK within the jurisdiction of the Passport Office.  Remember to carry the original as well as a photocopy of your old passport together with all the supporting documents bearing proof of your current address. And in case your passport got expired more than three years ago, then police verification may be required in such a case.

Important information on the Indian passport renewal process

  • Documents needed for Indian passport renewal can vary depending on the application case. Nevertheless, some recommendations are mandatory for all the applicants under the new system. For instance, all applicants including infants are required to show up at the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) to give out their photographs and biometrics (fingerprints).
  • When filling up your passport application form, ensure details such as your full names and proof of identity/address match the ones that appear on your old passport.
  • Don’t forget to add the name of your spouse in the passport application form if you are married. Otherwise, failure to include your spouse’s name may be perceived as concealment of information, which could result in criminal prosecution or penalty. Likewise, if the old passport had the name of your spouse yet the reissue application form does not contain the name of your spouse, then ensure the necessary documents (death/ divorce certificate) are attached to the application form.
  • While giving references in your application, choose references who reside in the same neighborhood/community as you do. While the passport renewal/reissue website says applicants can give reference of someone from the city, this may not work particularly for applicants from a big city like Mumbai. In most cases, police insist that applicants must strictly give references of their neighbors only.
  • Moreover, give the correct police station in your application to avoid any error that may likely delay your police verification. Keep in mind that passport authorities won’t be able to guide you when filling up such details.
  • Give as many documents as you can. Although the document advisor on the passport website will usually suggest that you give just a single document as proof of your address, it is however highly recommended you give as many documents as possible for identity/address proof. In most states across India, the Aadhar card that is more than a year old can be used as proof of identity/ address. But ensure the address and the name matches the one on the application form.
  • In India, Ration card cannot be accepted as a proof of identity or as a document of proof of residence when an applicant is submitting their passport application. All applicants are supposed to submit their present address only as proof of their address. This is regardless of the date of which the applicant has been living at the given address. But the applicant is required to detail all the places they have resided in for the previous one year.

How to apply Re-issue / Renewal of passport With us

We at Amsham Travels provide complete assistance in applying for Renewal of passport. You can upload the required scanned documents through our online application form or can be sent through e-mail to We will check for completeness and let you know the further procedures.

Documents Required for re-issue of passport

1.Address proof:

The passport applicants are required to provide at least one of the below-listed address proof documents-

  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Rental Agreement
  • Spouse’s passport copy (for married)
  • Parent’s passport copy (for minor)
  • Income Tax Assessment Order

2.Age proof:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Aadhaar Card/E-Aadhaar
  • Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
  • PAN Card
  • Transfer Certificate issued by the school last attended/recognized educational board
  • Driving License
  • A declaration to be given by the Child Care Home/Head of the Orphanage confirming the DOB of the applicant on their official letterhead of the organization

3.Proof to affirm that you belong to Non-ECR Category:

The various Non-ECR documents required are listed below for your reference and any one or more can be submitted with the passport application form.

  • Matriculation Pass Certificate (10th or SSC/SSLC Certificate)
  • Degree certificate if you have completed degree
  • A valid Passing Certificate which is issued by recognized institutions for Diploma, Polytechnic or equivalent degree holders
  • In the cases of Nurses, possessing a valid Nursing Certificate recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947
  • One who has a Permanent Immigration Visa can enclose a Copy of the Permanent Resident card or the Immigration Visa of the country of stay

4.Old passport booklet:

In cases of a reissue of passports, the passport office will demand the applicant to submit his / her old /expired/damaged booklet.

5.Self-attested photocopy of first and last pages of the passport booklet:

The first two and last two pages of the old passport being submitted along with the application for reissue must be self-attested by the applicant.

6.Appointment receipt:

If an appointment made through online, the passport office would demand a print out of the final page that confirms the payment, time, and date of the appointment

FAQ section

1. Can I renew my passport from any PSK in the country?

No. However, you can still have the option to select between the PSKs under the Regional Passport Office( RPO) of your location. Each Indian state has at least an RPO. If you are applying for your passport renewal online, the first thing you are required to do is to choose the right RPO and then book an appointment with them.

2.Will the passport number change once I have validated my expired passport?

Once your card’s validity has expired, you will be issued with a new passport that has a new passport number. However, the old passport number will still be mentioned in your reissued passport, although the newly assigned number will be treated as your passport number

Passport Renewal Fee India

  • Number Pages: 36 pages
  • Category: Adult
  • Age Group: Above 18 years of age
  • Validity: 10 years
  • Normal Scheme: Rs. 1,500/-
  • Tatkaal Scheme: Rs. 3,500/-
  • Reason for renewal/Re-issue: Validity Expired / due to expire


  • Number Pages: 60 pages
  • Category: Adult
  • Age Group: Above 18 years of age
  • Validity: 10 years
  • Normal Scheme: Rs. 2,000/-
  • Tatkaal Scheme: Rs. 4,000/-
  • Reason for Re-issue/Renewal: Validity Expired / due to expire


How to apply for Fresh Passport Us

We at Amsham Travels provide complete assistance in applying for passport. You can upload the required scanned documents through our online application form or can be sent through e-mail to We will check for completeness and let you know the further procedures.

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