Speed Post Tracking Passport Status

Tracking Passport Delivery Status Using India Post Speed Post Service

Once your passport is processed it will be dispatched via the India Post using Speed Post Service to the address you mentioned in your application.
To keep track of the delivery status, you can do so using the Speed Post-Tracking Utility provided by the India Post. The displayed status might be different from real-time delivery status. It’s, therefore advisable to confirm with your nearest Speed Post Center regarding the real-time delivery status of your passport. In rare circumstances, you might find that the Speed Post Center personnel are unable to locate your passport or it might have gone uncollected and therefore returned to the sender. In such instances, contact your Regional Passport Office for assistance.passport india gov in track status

how to check passport status by name

To track your speed post passport tracking delivery status, follow these steps.

  • Login to the Passport Services of the Government of India’s official website click here
  •  Select passport application status tab
    Enter the 15 digit file number you received during the passport application process
    Enter your date of birth to log into your dedicated account page
    Click on ‘track’.
  • This will give you the details about the current status of your passport delivery.
  • If the passport is already dispatched, you’ll find a 13 digit tracking number which you will use to track your passport through the Speed Post Service

speed post passport tracking

Tracking Your Speed Post Tracking Number Passport Status Via The India Post Service

The 13 digit tracking number comes in handy when you want to track your passport delivery status using the India Post Service website

  • To get started, log into this link click here
  • This page is dedicated to all consignment tracking services offered through the Speed Post Service Just enter the 13 digit tracking number you received to get information regarding your passport’s delivery status.
  • In the tracking number field, enter the 13 digit tracking number
  • Click on the GO’ button

In case you cannot find the necessary tracking information, it might not necessarily imply that your passport hasn’t been dispatched. In many instances, the tracking information regarding your passport might not have been entered into the system. You should expect such delays especially if your passport was mailed just recently. Another situation where this commonly happens is when dealing with foreign postal service providers or when the passport is being dispatched from a rural location.

How does this work?
The Speed Post Service tracking system provides current information regarding any item sent using speed post and its precise location. Some of the information you’ll get at the website include:
– The date your passport was submitted
– The date your passport was dispatched and the different locations it has been received and re-dispatched
– The date your passport was delivered
– The date a delivery intimation notice was sent to the recipient informing you to collect it and the Speed Post Office you are supposed to collect it from

Tracking your passport delivery using Speed Post SMS service

India Post offers an SMS service which you can use to track the status of your passport delivery. It offers a quick way to get information regarding your passport delivery without having to log into their website.
Their dedicated SMS numbers are 166 or 51969. Here’s an example:
If your 13 digit tracking number is EY786890152AM simply type it as POST TRACK EY786890152AM and send it to one of these numbers. 166 OR 51969

 track passport speed post

  •  You’ll receive an SMS detailing the tracking status of your passport.
  • What to remember when using the India Post SMS tracking service
  • Always enter your tracking number as it is. That is, alphabetical letters are always CAPITALIZED.
  • The status is only available for up to 60 days after the SMS inquiry is sent
  • You can use the SMS service from any phone network within India
  • SMS rates charged by your phone network service provider will apply

In emergency situations, you can personally collect your passport from your Regional Passport Offices rather than have it mailed to the postal address you indicated during application. Note that you have to collect it in person. Before you’re allowed to collect it at the RPO, you’ll need to fill in an application stating reasons why you need it urgently. The RPO officers have the authority to accept your application to collect it at their offices or reject it.

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