Australian Tourist Visa

Australia is a place where you can find golden coastlines to natural scenic beauty, vibrant cities to peculiar wildlife. You need a Visa to enter this amazing country and we are here to assist you in getting your visa. We have a group of Visa experts who handle visa service with utmost care.

tourist visa for australia

We assist for processing visa to Australia for the below-listed purposes.

  • Tourism
  • Visiting family & relatives
  • Conference
  • Business
  • Dependent to join the spouse

After knowing the purpose of visit, we shall provide the complete details of what type of visa to be applied and the list of required documents.

Below are the various visas available for Australia.

  • Tourist Visa – This is a single entry tourist visa valid for three months from the date of issue. This visa can be used only for holiday or recreation purpose. One can also obtain six months and twelve months visa. The validity of visa is at the discretion of Australian Embassy.
  • Business visitor visa – This visa is a temporary short-term visa for activities like attending the conference, seminars, contract negotiations, business visits. This visa can be obtained for three or six or twelve months and the validity is at the discretion of Australian Embassy.  You cannot work or sell any goods and products to the public. You have to get the temporary work visa for such activities.
  • Dependent/Partner Visa – This type of visa can be applied by an Indian who has married Australian citizen or married a person who has permanent resident in Australia.  When the Indian applicant wishes to join his/her spouse in Australia, then this visa will be applicable for them.

The processing time for an Australian visa is 35 working days. The validity of visa given is at the discretion of Australian Embassy. There is no Visa On Arrival option for Indians hence it is mandatory to apply for Visa before entering the country. Australian Visa will be provided in electronic format.

Get your visa in simple 5 steps with Amsham Travels

  • Contact our specialist and ask for the list of required documents.
  • The visa expert in our office will inform you the preferred list of documents.
  • Submit the documents and sign the application form.
  • Make the payment.
  • Get your visa.

 Why choose Amsham Travels?

  • –    We are well-established market leaders in Australian Visa process.
  • –    We have the knowledgeable specialist in handling Visa for more years and have processed thousands of cases.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the important points to be noted before applying for Australian visa?

Passport should have a validity of six months from the date of arrival to Australia. If the passport is less than six months, then it has to be renewed. The photo should be in accordance with the specification.

  1. What is the photo specification for Australian Visa?

Two recent color photos with a light colored background should be given. The face of the applicant should be visible fully in the photo and there should be no hat or glass worn. The photo should be of good and high quality. Australian Embassy has full rights to ask the applicant to change the photo if any of the specification rules are not met. The photo size should be 45 mm high x 35mm wide.

  1. How will I get my Australian visa?

Australian visa will be issued in electronic format. We will either email you or will take print out and hand over to you.

  1. How to apply for an Australian tourist visa with Amsham Travels?

It’s very simple as you can enter into our office directly and inquire about the visa details to our visa expert or you can drop your queries through our online form and the visa expert will call you back to provide the information and assist in getting the visa.