Authority Letter -Download

An Authority Letter is an authority given by the applicant to submit the passport application or to collect the passport from passport office. The applicant can authorize only the close family member to submit or collect on behalf of the applicant.

An authority letter has the below details.

  1. The applicant has to address the Passport Officer of the respective passport office in the letter
  2. The particulars of the authorized person such as Ful name, Age, relationship with the applicant and residential address should be mentioned.
  3. Indicating the reason why the applicant is not able to be presented in which the representative is being given the authority.
  4. Applicant’s and authorized representative’s signature

 How To Draft An Authority Letter?

The authority letter has to be drafted on the plain paper by the passport applicant.

It will be better if the draft is on the typed letter rather a handwritten. Once the details mentioned above are included in the draft, the representative who is sent on behalf of the applicant has to sign on the letter at the designated place.

It is mandatory to enclose a copy of id proof which has a photo of the representative along with the authority letter

Download-Authority Letter