Specimen Affidavit for a passport in place of lost/damaged passport Annexure F

Annexure F is an Affidavit for Lost or Damaged Passport. Any individuals who have lost or damaged their passport have to enclose Annexure F along with all other documents and passport application when applying for re-issue of passport.

How To Make An Annexure F Affidavit?

Follow the below steps to make Annexure F

  • Download the Annexure F form and fill in your details
  • Print the drafted affidavit on a plain paper
  • The applicant has to sign at the bottom of the affidavit

Who Should Make The Annexure F Affidavit?

The following criteria which suit any individual can make the Annexure F when applying for the passport.

  • Any person who has lost his/her passport
  • Any person whose passport has got damaged in any ways
  • Any individuals who need to apply for a new passport under the above circumstances.

What Are The Details To Be Filled?

In Annexure F affidavit, the following details should be mentioned:

  • Applicant’s name, Father’s name and address
  • How and when the passport was lost has to be mentioned in detail
  • FIR details
  • Name and address of the police station where the FIR is filed
  • Number of passports that were damaged or lost earlier
  • Travel details of the applicant if traveled on the damage or lost passport
  • If the applicant has traveled using the lost or damaged passport, then the flight number has to be mentioned.
  • If you travel using your lost or damaged passport then you need to specify the date of your entry into India.
  • The port name has to be mentioned as through which you entered India
  • Mention the details of any concessions or allowances if any availed during the journey
  • Specify if you are non-resident Indian and details of your abroad residence

Download-Annexure F-Specimen Affidavit lost damaged passport