Annexure H -Prior Intimation Letter-Download

Prior Intimation Letter is issued by the government employee of State/Central/PSU/Statutory body.

How To Make An Affidavit Annexure H?

The Prior intimation letter has to be addressed to the government employee’s Controlling/Administrative authority on a plain paper stating the application for the passport.

  1. Draft the affidavit and fill in all the details
  2. Print the affidavit on the plain paper
  3. Get the signature from the concerned authority.

Who should Make The Annexure H?

Given below the list of the passport applicants who are required to provide Annexure H include-

  1. Employees of State Government
  2. Employees of Central Government
  3. Employees of Statutory bodies
  4. Employees of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)

The details to be filled in Annexure H include-

  1. Postal address of the controlling authority with telephone, e-mail id
  2. Subject as ” Prior Intimation for Submission of Passport Application”
  3. Main content of the letter stating the intimation of passport application
  4. Name of the applicant
  5. Date of birth of the applicant
  6. Designation of the applicant
  7. Name of Office Where Working
  8. Name of Organisation:
  9. Address of Present Office:
  10. Residential Address
  11. Employer Signature
  12. Employer Office Seal

Download- Annexure H Prior Intimation Letter