Any applicant who wishes to apply for passport under Tatkal should enclose Annexure B which is issued by a verifying authority. It enables the verifying authority to conclude that the reputation and morals of the applicant are good and certifies the permanent address of the passport applicant  All this would make when the correct usage of words is used in the Annexure B. This has to be printed on the official letterhead of the verifying authority only. Amsham Travels is here to help out all those who intended to get their passport affidavits while applying for a can check this Article How to Apply for Tatkal Passport 

How to Make Annexure B Certificate  For Passport?

Below is the step by step procedures to make an Annexure B certificate.

  • Fill the applicant details into the Annexure B certificate
  • Print the details on the official letterhead of the verifying authority and affix the applicant’s photo.
  • Get the signature of the concerned official partially on the photo and the paper
  • Place the seal of the verifying authority partially on the affidavit paper and photo.

Who Should Make Annexure B?

Any of the below applicants who apply for Indian passport under Tatkal scheme should enclose Annexure B.

  • A company owner/company partners  /Directors of a Company who has membership in the Concerned Chamber of Business Organisation.

What Details should be Included?

The following details are to be included while making an Annexure B.

  1. Mention Reference number of the application.
  2. Enter the applicant’s full name, date of birth and place of birth
  3. Qualification and Profession of the applicant
  4. Permanent and Present address of the applicant
  5. Applicant’s Father’s name or Husband’s name
  6. Office address, location, and date of issue
  7. Verifying officer’s signature, name, and designation
  8. Chamber Name and other contact information
  9. All addresses along with the dates have to be mentioned. If the applicant has stayed in more than one place during the last one year, then