Pondicherry is a beautiful place to spend your weekend with friends and family. In this article, you can have an idea of how to spend your weekend in Pondicherry.

DAY 1:

Wake up early morning and head to Rock beach to have a visual treat of sunrise and enjoy the fresh breeze. Sip a cup of coffee in the local shop nearby beach. Then get ready to explore the French colonial place. Start your day with a blessing of cute elephant “Lakshmi” in  Manakula Vinayaga Temple. It’s a  place for worship which is situated in the white town of Pondicherry. You will have a feel of holiness when you enter this temple.


Next, you can visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram which is nearby the temple at a walkable distance. The silence of the place is the most beautiful part, and it’s filled with heavenly aroma. It’s one of the very calm and peaceful places in the World. You also get to see the belongings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, plus there’s a small stall of books where you can browse books and magazines related to the Ashram activity, and there is a small lovely garden too.

Next, you can head towards the Bharathi Park which is also located in white town. It is a well maintained and a beautiful park. Aayi Mandapam, an iconic structure in the middle of the park is quite an attraction and this park monument is built during Napolean period of 16th century. You can also take some good photo shoot with a beautiful background in the park. Many of the famous places like Pondicherry Museum, Governor Palace are just a few minutes away from here. By afternoon, you can head to a French restaurant nearby to give some French cuisine to your taste buds.

After a delicious lunch, you can head to Chunambar Boat house which is eight kilometers from the city. Chunambar Boat House is a popular recreational and boating spot in Pondicherry. You can just have a boat ride or you can reach paradise beach through ferry which is a beautiful and clean place to relax with family and friends. You have a seaside restaurant in this Paradise beach. The golden sand and the musical rhythm of waves are enjoyable.

CHUNNAMBAR boat house

Spend your rest of the day here in Paradise beach and have fun to the core. By late evening, visit rock beach where you can stroll the long stretched beach admiring the French style building on the other side of the beach. The beach is so spectacular and refreshing for oneself. Have a delightful dinner and end the day with an eternal sleep.

Day 2:

On your second day, start your journey by visiting Sacred Heart church which is located in the heart of town. The church is built in Neo-Gothic architecture.  This church is huge, spacious and beautiful. The shrine is lovely, and all over there are beautiful stained glass paintings of saints/ depictions from the bible. Internal structure and decorative work will leave you speechless.



Next, you can move towards Botanical Garden which is a famous place for locals to spend their weekend. It’s beautiful and shady place. There are mini train and aquarium which is an additional attraction here in this garden.  After having a quality time with your friends and family, you can move next to an iconic place of Pondicherry i.e. Auroville.

Auroville is a place where you can find a lot of foreigners. Auroville is located about eight or nine kilometers away from Pondicherry and it’s a place of peace and unity. Auroville is famous for Firewood Pizza and you shall try it for your lunch. After a delicious lunch, you can visit Matri Mandir Globe where the architecture is unique in the world.  You will have to visit Auroville Visitor center and listen to a few minutes audiovisual track about Auroville. With a prior booking you can visit inside Matri Mandir, or you have to visit outside and take a snap for your memories. You can also visit Auro beach which is located in the opposite direction of Matri Mandir globe.  After a good enjoyment, return to Pondicherry shopping roads Nehru street and Mission street.

auroville pondicherry

Here you can find a row of boutiques, cafés, and branded showrooms. And Pondicherry is famous for handmade paper, incense sticks, handicrafts so don’t forget to buy your souvenirs. If this day of tour happens to be on Sunday, then don’t miss to check out Sunday market. It’s a 2 km long stretch market on the roadside where you can find anything. There are kurtas, sarees, jewel items, men’s clothing, shoes, old books, tableware, etc. If you know to bargain, then you can buy it even for less price than what the vendor says.

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