Pondicherry popularly known as French quarter is a beautiful place with diverse culture and cuisine. Here we will list you some of the best restaurants to try when you are in Pondicherry.

Best places to eat

French Cuisine

Baker Street

Baker Street best place

Baker Street situated at French quarter has everything in French food as it is run by French people. You can find a variety of desserts. The desserts platter offers an exquisite range of puff pastry delicacies from the French cuisine and makes you want to try them all. They have also got Croissants, Danish, Brioche, colorful Macaroons and designer chocolates.

Café Des Arts

One of the best place to chill out in French quarter.  The ambiance is very homely with lovely paintings and furniture. The baguettes taste as original as they can. There is a rickshaw parked in the little courtyard with trees all around. Gives you a perfect spot to click a pic and remember this cafe in its pure art form.

Le Club


Le Club is one of the oldest French restaurants in Pondicherry. The place is situated in the White Town and is an excellent place to hang out. A must visit if you love to explore some French food in Pondicherry.

Authentic Indian Cuisine


Surguru – a vegetarian restaurant and it’s located at city center. A real authentic South Indian food can be tasted here. Ghee masala dosa, Chettinad Dosa, palak dosa are the one to try here. The prices are reasonable.

Junior Kuppana

Located 2km from the city center, you can have a South Indian cuisine here with a lot of varieties. If you are a chicken junkie, then you can find a broad range of different recipe in Chicken. It’s a good place for lunch with your friends and family.

Hotel Kamatchi

For a Chettinad food lover, this would be an ideal destination to taste the spicy tango curries.  Hotel Kamatchi has its signature dish like Prawn kamatchi, Kal Dosa or any non-veg biryani. The spices and flavor will tempt you to come again to this hotel and the prices are very reasonable.


A typical North Indian food restaurant located at walkable distance from Rock beach.  The ambiances so colorful where you can take some good pic too. For all the North Indian cuisine lovers, then this would be your ideal place.

Desserts and Bakes

Café Xtasi

If you want to taste delicious firewood pizza, then you must step into this location. Here you can get a delicious thin crust pizza. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy the continental food. Here you can get pizza from 9 inches to 2 feet.

The Smoothie Bar

The interior and the feel of the place are attractive and it is located in the city centre. This place is a different from the regular pizzas, tandoori and other burnt foods. If you want to try some real smoothies, then this is the place you have to visit. The menu offers a lot of varieties with attractive names.

Zuka Choco la

If you are a chocoholic, then this would be your destination. Zuka is located in the city centre and you can find world class chocolates here. Hot chocolate is the most happening drink here. You can find an extensive collection of Chocolatpastries and cakes here. It’s the best place to hang out with friends and family.

Bombay Kulfi

Bombay Kulfi is a small but lively and colorful store located at walkable distance from Rock beach. You can get a variety of Kulfis in a different flavor. Slice Kulfi is very famous here. The prices are also very reasonable.

Indian Kaffe Express

It’s a good place to relax after a stroll on the beach, as it is located near the rock beach. If you look for waffle and crepe, then you should step into this cozy place.  You can find Indian and French fusion cuisines here. Mushroom Cheese Paratha is one example for the fusion cuisine and one should not miss to step into this place.

La Pasta World

If you are a die-hard lover of  Italian pasta, then this would be your ideal place. As an Italian couple runs it, you can find the real Italian taste. This is a small restaurant with basic service. The kitchen is very open and you can see how they do your ordered pasta. The menu is limited but the taste and aroma of the pasta are divine for the pasta lovers.

Cream Affair

Cream Affair is an ice cream heaven located at walkable distance from Rock beach. This is a small kiosk kind of outlet for ice cream lovers. The bubble waffle cone is unique in this place where they serve ice cream over that which is very famous here in Pondicherry. You can choose the base and the toppings on your own.

Le café

Le café is the only restaurant in the sea front and it’s a best place one can hang out. The beautiful view of the beach is just amazing here. It’s 24/7 and self-service café. A cup of coffee with the sea breeze and the sound of waves dashing the rocks is a mind blowing experience one can feel here.


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