Pondicherry’s Top Shopping Places

Pondicherry, an image as a French Colony, has another interesting part i.e. shopping. Pondicherry is a place for shopaholics and one can enjoy the shopping experience.A trip without a shopping is incomplete, and you have to know the specialties of the place you go.

Given below are the uniqueness in Pondicherry hence you can get the best souvenirs for your beloved ones.


You can find some good ranges of clayware and ceramic items in Pondicherry. There are many shops which sell unique earthenware which is contemporary in style.

Leather Products

The Leather is made in Pondicherry in a traditional way hence fine leather goods can be found here which is very popular among the locals and tourist.

Handmade Paper

Aurobindo Ashram has an own factory which makes handmade paper which is rich in texture, color and the quality of the paper is so good which is becoming very famous among the tourist.


In Pondicherry, you can find a lot of stores in the city which sell antique collections, perfumed candles, incense sticks, westernized garments, precious stones and aromatic oils. You can find some good stuff over here.

Shopping center name

The famous shopping centers in Pondicherry are highlighted below. You can check out when you are in Pondicherry.

Aurobindo Ashram


Inside Shri Aurobindo Ashram, you can find a small souvenir shop which has spiritual books, greeting cards about The Mother. There is a factory outlet nearby which has handmade paper, incense sticks, perfumed candles and other unique products from Ashram.  There are some shops authorized by Ashram in the town which sells candles, incense sticks, and clothes. Incense sticks and candles from Ashram should one must try to get as a souvenir when leaving Pondicherry.

 Ma Pondy Cherie

Ma Pondy Cherie is a concept store. This great place located on the first floor of an old Pondicherian house in the city center has some great collections. The place is very relaxing with soothing music, friendly people and a lot of top items. Almost it is like a Santa’ shop for souvenirs and design clothes. The ambiance of the shop is outstanding with beautiful tree decoration on the wall. The bookstore has an incredible collection of design and fashion books. A place to add on every tourist list!

Kriti Eco Boutique

Kriti eco boutique is a must stop over place for a great shopping experience who is visiting Pondicherry. It is located just opposite to Sri Aurobindo Paper factory at the end of the canal in Ambour Salai. The store has amazing stuff like local spices, bedcovers, cushions, and different types of honey all made by the tribal people of the Nilgiris. When you wish to buy specialties like wild honey, herbs in Pondicherry then Kriti Eco Boutique is the right place. It is a Fantastic store for quality artisan food and craft products. The prices are reasonable, and the services are customer-friendly. It’s an Ideal shop for gifts and helping a good cause too!


Domus is another interesting store located in the French Quarter. It has many unique collections of antique lamps, antique furniture, carpets, scarfs, paintings, enamel collections, bedcovers, and cushions. You can also find beautiful clothes, jewelry, drawing lamps. After your shopping, you can also have delicious sandwich or salad or a healthy drink in this store. It is a place to find a perfect gift.


Sund’art is a tailor cum handicraft store. It is located in Aurobindo Street which is in the city center. The store has some unique collections of bag, toys, key chain made in cotton which is of a different kind. The products in the store are very creative and attractive. The quality, colors are extraordinary and the prices are reasonable where you can fill your suitcase when you return.


Kalki is located in the Mission street. You can find some aromatic incense sticks, perfumed candles, emerald jewelry, foot wear, hand-painted silk clothing and handmade paper items. The atmosphere of the store is fantastic and one must try to peep inside when visiting Pondicherry.


Casablanca Shopping

Casablanca is a funkiest store in Pondicherry which is located on Mission street. This store has all famous International brands of clothes and it’s a great place to pick some real leather handbags, wallet, briefcase, suitcase and home décor items. One should have enough time to spend here as this is a three floored building.


hidesign leather shopping

Hidesign, a famous leather manufacturing company in Pondicherry which is popular worldwide has its outlet in Pondicherry at Mission street. This three-story store has a broad range of Hidesign products such as handbags and wallets for men and women.

Goubert Market

Goubert Market is a crowded market place in Pondicherry located at the city center. It is a one roof place for all your needs like grocery, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, clothes, flower, home décor, jewelry, cosmetics items and much more.


auroville pondicherry

Auroville apart from golden globe is an exciting place for Shopping.  The visitor center at Auroville has many outlets which sell the variety of products such as perfumes, candles, books, organic soaps, handmade items, gold plated jewelry and much more.

Beyond all these shopping centers, Mission street and Nehru street are the shopping roads in Pondicherry. These roads are lined with many shops, boutiques, cafes and also many branded showrooms.  You can also find some roadside shop selling earring and bangles at a reasonable price. These roads are good to walk around and one can feel the enchanting shopping experience.

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