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auroville pondicherry

Auroville – the city of dawn, located eight kilometers away from Pondicherry, is a universal town where people from all over the world live here for peace and integrity.

The concept of Auroville was started by The Mother in the early 1930s as an experiment for the human unity.  By 1960, UNESCO passed a resolution as it is a project of importance for the future humanity. By 1968, the township inauguration took place where the representatives of 124 nations assembled along with their homeland soil to be mixed with white marble lotus-shaped urn to show the human oneness.

Today Auroville is the only internationally ongoing experiment of human unity with no creed, color, caste, and gender. It also researches about sustainable living for the social and spiritual needs of mankind.

auroville pondicherry

Matri Mandir

When we talk about Auroville, the first thing that comes to mind is Matri Mandir. It is not a temple but a place of silent meditation or concentration on oneself. The marvelous architect of Matri Mandir was designed by Roger Anger. First, you have to reach Visitor’s Centre at Auroville and look at a detailed video about Matri Mandir and Auroville. After watching the video, you have to walk about ten to fifteen minutes to visit the outer view of Matri Mandir. You have to get a pass in two days advance to go inside the Matri Mandir and it is at free of cost. However, the outer view place is very calm and serene which will be so rejuvenating for the visitors.

Timings for issuing passes

Mon-Sat: 09.00 AM – 04.00 PM

Sunday        : 09.00 AM – 01.00PM

Sunday Afternoon Closed

All bookings should be made by person and not over by phone or e-mail.

Matri Mandir is closed on Tuesdays.

Auro Beach

Auroville beach

Auro Beach is another interesting place to visit in Auroville which shares the border of Bay of Bengal.  It’s located just opposite to the road which connects Auroville. It is visited by locals and tourist hugely and a place where one can relax and enjoy the day. You can get to see many foreigners in this beach. A lazy stroll in this long stretched beach or swimming would make your day and you can find surfers at times in the early morning.

Regular Workshops in Auroville

There are a lot of workshops and therapies held in a regular basis. Acro  Yoga, Aikido, Argentine Tango, Tamil literary classes, Body fitness and Self-defense,  Hip Hop class, Regression Therapy, Sanskirit Mantras and much more.  You can get all these information in Auroville Visitor’s Information Centre.

Volunteering in Auroville

Volunteering in Auroville is another interesting part. People from all over the world come here to volunteer for some period of time for education project or by their own interest to have a basic simple lifestyle. Buddha Garden and Sadhana Forest are few to mention where anyone can volunteer to develop their organic farm for a particular stipulated time.

Auroville as a universal township is not only a tourist destination  but a place to know oneself and how to live in harmony and humanity.

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