Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country featuring Buddhist temples, adorable islands, and exotic wildlife. Thailand has a unique culture, royal kingdom and well known for Thai food and Thai massage. This land of beauty becomes the most favorite destination for many and the most visited destination too.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

  • Thailand is visited during most of the year as it has a tropical and humid climate. The humidity ranges from 66% to 82% and the temperature is from 38°C to 19°C with an annual average of about 29°C.
  • Thailand has three seasons i.e. Summer season (March – June), Rainy season (July – October) and Cool season (November – February).
  • Visit Thailand between November to February as the climate is at its best which is around 25-32°C. The coolest season is always the best time to visit a destination.
  • December is considered to be the festive season as many important colorful festivals like Trooping of the Colours, Loy Krathong and New Year falls in this period. Major shopping streets are decorated with lights and theme decors and energize the year-end spirit.The only drawback during this period is that the places are crowded, the hotel rooms are short in supply and all the prices for tourism activities go higher as there is much demand.

What to Wear?

When visiting temples, grand palaces and museum, dress politely and not so westernized outfits like shorts, skirts, tank tops, etc. and go for light, loose cotton dresses. Formal dress like suits may be required if you are going for an official meeting or events and dining. In general, visitors should wear the dress neatly when going to any religious shrines.

Thailand Trip Cost from India

  •  Thailand trip cost varies from season to season and also purely depends on the advance purchase. The approximate cost would be around 35000* INR from India including airfare, accommodation, the transfer for sightseeing and airport.
  • If you book two months before your travel date, you may get a cheaper flight fare and if you book near your travel date then the flight fare will be on higher side. It’s always advisable to plan and book well in advance for any destination.

Time Difference between India and Thailand

  • The difference of timing between India and Thailand vary with few hours. Thailand is one hour and thirty minutes ahead of India and seven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. For example, if it’s 5 PM in India, then it will be 6.30 PM in Thailand.

India to Thailand Distance


  • The road distance from Chennai to Thailand ranges around 4420 km or 2747 miles and the air travel distance comes around 2386 km or 1483 miles which are considered to be the shortest distance.
  • The flying time between India and Thailand is around three hours and thirty minutes and vary depending upon the wind speeds.

Thailand Money value in India

  • The currency unit used in Thailand is Thai Baht and the symbol of Thai currency is ฿. The money value in India changes each day. The approximate money value for 1 TBH is 1.90 to 2 INR.
  • General information about BHAT
  • Notes: 1,000 Baht (grey); 500 Baht (purple); 100 Baht (red); 50 Baht (blue); 20 Baht (green). Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10 Baht and 25, 50 satangs (100 satangs = 1 Baht).

India to Thailand Flight Ticket price

  • The air ticket price from India to Thailand will vary depending upon the travel date. If you book in advance then there will be a lower price and if you book near the travel date then the price would be on higher side.
  • The approximate price would be 18000 – 20000 INR.

Flight Duration from main cities of India to Thailand

Book Your Air ticket Thailand

  • The flight duration is the time taken to travel from one place to another. The duration changes from place to place. The flight duration from Chennai to Bangkok is around three hours and thirty minutes.
  • The flight duration from Mumbai to Bangkok is around four hours and thirty minutes and the duration from Bangalore to Bangkok is four hours.
  • The shortest duration is from Kolkata to Bangkok which is around two hours and fifty minutes. All these duration depends upon the wind speed and the weather conditions.

How to call Thailand from India?

  • There is a dialing instruction to be followed when an international call to be made. “00” is India’s exit code to dial first when calling International and “66” is Thailand’s country code to be dialed next. The format to make a call for Thailand from India is given below.
  • 00 – 66 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
  • 00 – 66 – 9 Digit Mobile Number

Thailand Festival

  • Songkran festival, Loy Krathong, and YeePeng are the most important and famous festivals in the country.
  • Songkran happens in the mid of April which is the New Year for Thais. It is also called water festival as they shoot water packet on each other during this festival.
  • Loy Krathong festival is celebrated at night on the full moon day during November or December. Thai people will make lotus or boat in banana leaf and make them float in a river or canal which is believed that their souls are purified. YeePeng festival is same like Loy Krathong but with a floating lantern launched into the sky.
  • This festival is widely celebrated in the north of Thailand mostly in San Sai, Chiang Mai. A lot of tourists come to visit this festival to view the amazing sky lanterns. This is not only a festival but a Buddhist rite.

General Information

  • The official Kingdom of Thailand is ‘Prathet Thai’ which means “Land of free”.
  • Theravada Buddhism is the major religious groups in Thailand. About 94 % are Buddhist, 4.6% are Muslims, 0.8% are Christians and others are 0.4%.
  • 75% of the population in Thailand are Thais, 11% are Chinese, 3.5% are Malays and others are Burmese, Mons, Laotians, Khmers, Indians and hill tribes.
  • Until 1939, the country is known to be as “Siam” and then they have changed it as “Thailand”.

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